We Were Fridays will be Jeffrey Zeigler’s fifth solo album. It will follow a story that began in the Griot tradition of West Africa, travel to South Carolina by way of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, then north by way of the Great Migration, and then continue through Vietnam and Japan. We Were Fridays will explore the music of the Gullah people of the Low Country of South Carolina, a community which to this day has preserved more of their West African linguistic and cultural heritage than any other African American community in the United States. Gullah music has influenced spirituals, gospel, ragtime, rhythm and blues, soul, hip hop and jazz. We Were Fridays will extend this reach into the world of instrumental cello music. Told through cello, electronics, and film, We Were Fridays will explore forbidden love, fractured lines, and complex legacies and tell the story of how we became Fridays.