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An interdisciplinary arts production company led by Paola Prestini and Jeffrey Zeigler.

We create, produce, and curate visionary art and music projects which expand the frontiers of culture.

Con Alma at the United Nations

"The kind of experimentation Prestini has lent to her work will help
shape what masterpieces come out of the next 50 years."

– The los angeles times

We pioneer artistic collaborations, deep creative processes and practices driven by equity and community, which often explore the expansive possibilities of technology and science.

We are a community of artists and collaborators, dedicated to reimagining the way that art is created in the 21st century.

VisionIntoArt "always intriguing and frequently beguiling...
facilitates flamboyant, confounding and enticing collaborations."

– The new york times


CREATE : We co-create and devise original interdisciplinary works and boundary-breaking music projects which tour across the world.

PRODUCE: We co-produce projects, designing unique creative processes and methods, driven by equity and artistic innovation.

COLLABORATE: We pioneer interdisciplinary collaborations which amplify our artistic work - from local communities to major institutions - with a focus on equity/inclusion and science/technology.

Houses of Zodiac

How We Do It...

creative constellations

We co-create work in partnership with major institutions (arts, universities, foundations) who are committed to transformative artistic practices. We aim to scale and expand ways of creating and collaborating across venues, partners and artistic ecosystems.

knowledge & learning

We creatively document and codify the methods and learning that emerge from these collaborations and artistic processes. We share this knowledge openly with the world -advancing artistry and impact across communities and industries.

artistic innovation

We create pioneering spaces and collaborative artistic methods that center and uplift each artist's unique experiences, expressions and creative practices. These artist-centered practices shape the aesthetics and approaches we use to devise new works.

Our Work


A selection of active VIA projects

A selection of historical VIA projects