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Damon Owlia

Damon Owlia is an artist and producer based in Brooklyn, New York. He served as both the Executive Producer and Producer of the Emmy-Nominated thriller series THE ACCIDENTAL WOLF, starring Emmy Nominee Kelli O'Hara and Written/Directed by Emmy Nominee Arian Moayed, which was acquired by Topic/First Look Media. In 2021, he produced THE COURTROOM, a nonfiction narrative film that tells the story of one woman's deportation proceeding using only the verbatim text of the real court transcripts. THE COURTROOM premiered as part of the Tribeca Festival’s Official Selection in 2022. Before that, he produced THE FLORES EXHIBITS, a series of videos in which artists, lawyers, advocates, and immigrants read the sworn testimonies of children held in detention facilities at the U.S./Mexico border, which is available to watch at Damon also proudly serves on the board of Waterwell, an arts and education company, focusing on new plays, musicals and bold re-interpretations of classics.

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